About Us

Industrial Instruments Division is very proud of the country-wide customers’ trust we have won in the products and services we have provided to, of which the various industrial sections are: Semiconductors, Hard Disk, Electronics, Automotive and Heavy industry.

Industrial Instruments Division was established in 1985 and currently has become the distributor of instruments for precision measuring such as Nikon industrial microscopes and standard measuring instruments, various measuring instruments for manufacturing, quality controlling, research and testing, which are for improving the standard, efficiency and product quality.

 In 2013 We certified by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) for ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Our calibration service for Profile Projector and Measuring Microscope issued with ISO17025 standard procedure.


Now we are executive distributor of many well known brands such as :
  •      NIKON: Stereoscopic Zoom Microscopes, Multi-Purpose Zoom Microscope, Industrial Microscopes,
                    Inverted Microscopes, Digital Camera, Imaging Software, Profile Projector, Measuring Microscopes,
                    Data Processors, Data Processing Software, CNC VDO Measuring System iNEXIV,
                    CNC VDO Measuring System NEXIV, BW-H501, Neoscope, Digimicro, IIIuminator

                    NIKON METROLOGY: Coordinate Measuring Machines, CMM Scanners, Manual CMM Arm,
                    Handheld Laser Scanners, Camio Software, Focus Point Cloud Software, Optical CMM,
                    Large Scale Metrology, X-Ray Machines, Digital Microscope ShuttlePix P-400R

  •      FUTURE-TECH: Hardness Tester, Sample Preparation Machine
  •       SCHOLLY: Industrial Endoscopes
  •      STOCKER & YALE: Illuminators for Microscopes
  •       PHOTONIC: IIIuminator
  •     ISSEI: Hardness Tester, Sample Preparation Machine, Illumination
  • image010_136  KOSAKA: Microfigure Measuring Instrument, Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

                    Contour Measuring Instrument, Roughness & Contour, Roundness Measuring Instrument

  •    ATTONIC: Push-Pull Gauges, Digital Torque Gauges
  •      PEACOCK: Dial Gauges, Thickness Gauges, Digital Gauges, Digital Counters, Contact Point
  •     JFE ADVANTECH: Ultrasonic Thickness, Hardness Checker SONOHARD, Vibrometer
  •     EISEN: Pin Gauges
  • image022_112  TECLOCK: Durometer

  • image030_94    PEAK: Scale Lupes
  •       OJIYAS: Precision Plug & Ring Gauges
  •        OTSUKA: Magnifying Lamp
We are confident in our readiness and restless development in meeting your highest satisfaction in quality instruments with contemporary technologies as well as training, installation, calibration and maintenance.