About Us

Educational Technology Division (ETD) is intended to establish in order to promote the teaching of educational institutions, both private and government use of new technologies to look forward to learning systems to be more efficient but still the teaching original format is controlled by the professor teaching the same. The products are also available in a variety of presentations or meetings as well.

The Educational Technology Devision has been working under the Scientific Division was established in 2522 which has expanded even more. The division into separate divisions, the Education Technology Division in the year 2552 the department is involved in teaching and presentations in the conference room as ActivBoard, ActiVote, ActivExpression, ActivSlate, ActivTablet, ActivPanel,. ActivArena, ActivWand etc. We are also continuing to develop new technology tools for classroom as well.

Promethean is a product from England that has been widely used around the world. And get feedback from users as well. As a result, an increasing number of applications grew, and today's Division (ETD) has won the trust of renowned educational institutions, both private and government more than 1,000 locations across the country.