NEW CNC Video Measuring System Nikon VMZ-S4540

NEW CNC Video Measuring System Nikon VMZ-S4540
Lineup offers high-speed, high-accuracy measurement for a wide range of samples.
Nikon's optics combine with accurate automated video measurements to offer a wide range of systems that cover various customer needs.Magnification, AF and illumination conditions can be finely adjusted for each sample. Suitable for small components used for products such as mechanical, electric/electronic, automotive, and medical devices. NEXIV VMZ-S come with New Features High accuracy within the field of view (FOV) Probing error* PFV2D  0.3 μm. In addition, software has been developed to make it faster to measure the sample. and has a new design. Along with the exterior design change, the joystick used for stage and optical head movements has been redesigned to make the operation easier and less tiring during long use
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