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X-ray CT scans are increasingly used in the analysis and inspection of industrial workpieces. This provides a versatile 3D analysis and quality control software solution that controls the different sizes of parts. It is used to diagnose and prevent problems in production and assembly, and to take care of the quality of the product, and it can be digitally connected so that everyone can always see information. Facilitate team coordination At every stage of the process of product development, analysis, and inspection.
Hollywood International Co., Ltd. by Industrial Instrumentation Department Please join the seminar "Fully Automated 3D Inspection for an Enterprise Solution with PolyWorks" to listen. Exchange knowledge and information of dimensioning and using intelligent GD&T  tools that use ASME and ISO  standards, automating analysis to control the quality of all tasks. Effectively monitor measurement results with statistical process control (SPC), as well as next-generation data management that enables the sharing of data and 3D measurement results across organizations, etc.
You can participate in online seminars. On Friday, May 20  , 2022, at 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the MS Team  app, follow the link below.
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