Delivered and Installed Dam Movement Monitoring System

June 2021 – our Surveying Instruments Division was trusted by Geo-Technology Consultants Co., Ltd. delivered and installed a dam movement monitoring system at Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam at Nakhon Nayok – Royal Irrigation Department Project. We sent our experienced product specialist to provide suggestions, consult and design the installation marks across the dam.
The system consists of Trimble S9 Robotic Total Station Autolock DR High Precision. Trimble S9 can automatically lock up to 2,500 meters cover all of the dam border with only 1 mm. accuracy and identify targets precisely throughout Trimble Finelock® Technology. On the opposite side of the monitoring hub, the mounted monitoring target was tracked by a powerful, fast, and precise auto-lock system 7/24. The core of this monitoring system is the Trimble 4D control – the real-time monitoring software that provides movement analysis and visualization so you can easily have one or multiple monitoring sites. It also controls the measurements, manages and analyzes the data, and even alerts, delivering the data you need to make timely decisions.