Delivery and training WingtraOne Gen ll, Trimble R8s to SRT Asset Co., Ltd.

Our surveying division delivered sets of surveying instruments to SRT Asset Co., Ltd. The aim of our customer is to collect geodatabase State Railway of Thailand asset from aerial mapping and ground surveying. WingtraOne Genll – the VTOL UAV played an important role in this project. With the capability of the Sony RX1Rll, the WingtraOne Genll is able to deliver high resolution images while the UAV is flying above the focus area. Wide area can be collected in no time. Compared to multicopers, the WingtraOne can acquire data up to 8x faster. Thanks to Trimble R8s that gives the accurate Ground Control Point when the surveyors do the georeferencing in the software. After we got the high-res and accurate aerial images, let SimActive Correlaotor 3D be your assistant to help you identify features from aerial image automatically. This will reduce your time for digitizing and making decision in some features that our eyes cannot define.