Wi8i G.2 Pro with Significantly Reduced Escapees

Are you struggling with defect escapees in low-contrast regions and inaccurate detection in complex wafer design inspection? ViTrox's Smart Threshold algorithm is the ingenious solution you need. We delve into the world of ViTrox's pixel-level defect detection algorithm, a catalyst that reduces defect escapees and revolutionizes wafer inspection.
Smart Threshold detects and analyzes small variations of abnormalities in wafers, ensuring accurate inspection results without over-rejection or under-rejection. This powerful algorithm employs a pixel-to-pixel range comparison technique to identify defects on wafers. Each pixel of the unit image being inspected is compared with the corresponding "golden pixel range", a range of ideal pixel values derived from a pre-learned collection of good unit images that will be used as a defect detection threshold during the inspection. Any pixel values that deviate from this range are flagged as potential defects. This algorithm excels at enhancing detection capabilities, particularly for defects with low gray value contrast compared to their background.
Unlock the true potential of your wafer inspection process with ViTrox's advanced Smart Threshold algorithm. Say goodbye to unnoticed defects and achieve accurate inspection results.
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