Bailey Bridge Installation in Chiang Mai

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center No. 10 Lampang has supported the installation of a disassembled bridge with a set of bridges in front of the entrance to Wat PhaPun, Moo 7, Omkoi,  Chiang Mai Province between October 2 and 11, 2023, to solve urgent problems and minimize the inconvenience in their community.
The Emergency Bridge from WAAGNER BIRO is a semi-prefabricated, disassembled bridge with a row of panel frames for temporary use.
In the case of a broken road due to a landslide or flood, making it impossible to move or access the area, it is a great help to the casualties.
  • It can be assembled to various lengths for the desired bridge. Using the same main parts, they can be removed and stored for use next time.
  • The main component is a light truss panel-type frame that can transport the bridge to the location. It is easy to install; only manual labor is required, and no special tools are required.
  • Bridge components are interchangeable to prevent confusion in assembly. Bridge components can be installed quickly.