ROQED: Interactive 3D educational simulations and exercises

ROQED is a global EdTech media company that brings an immersive environment to fascinate teaching and learning physics, chemistry, biology and earth science in more than 18 languages. Interactive easy-to-use educational software for learning through exploring hundreds of detailed 3D models and animations for science subjects such as:
- Interactive science & biology content
- 3D models and animations
- More than 450 biology course models
- More than 330 Physics course models
- More than 370 Chemistry course models
- 40 Geography course models
- Integrated LMS system and aligned course curriculum for effective teaching and learning
- Assembling, Object Selection and label matching exercises to test student comprehension of the model
- Teachers and students can analyze, rotate and explore the models from any point of view they want. The 3D models gives you the full experience of kinaesthetic learning.