Hollywood Optical

        Hollywood International Optical was established since 1967. It is a subsidiary in Hollywood International (LTD) group as world-class exclusive optical store with high quality and modern glasses from all selected manufacturers whose have long-experience in finding the right material for each catagory of design and concept. We handle the qualified brands such as Ovvo, Chopard, , Lanvin ,Moleskine, Monalisa, Eyelet, Elizabeth Arden, Glossi, Swarovski, Balenciaga, Loewe, Lozza and Prince.

        Our products have been continually developing which are always up-to-date and trendy glasses for your styles with our professional staff and highly technology equipment. You will always receive professional advice on your vision and on choosing the best products for your needs, appearance and lifestyle. Our glasses warrant the quality according to a fully standard of the manufacturer. Our standard is accepted by customers over 50 years and we run our business under the motto “Reliable, Professional and service-minded.”  
        Hollywood International Optical has 2 branches as following:

      - Phayathai Road, 87/5-7 , Phayathai Road, Rajtaywee,Bangkok 10400
        Direct line:   02-251-7164, 02-653-8255 ext. 261
        Office hour: Monday-Friday 9 AM.-7 PM. and Saturday 9 AM. – 6 PM.

      - Phetburi Road, 501/4-8,  Phayathai Road, Rajtaywee,Bangkok 10400
        Direct line:   02-250-1979, 02-653-8255 ext. 262
        Office hour: Monday-Friday 9 AM. - 7PM. and Saturday 9 AM. – 6 PM.

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