The MMI CellEctor Plus is a microscope based capillary single cell sorting system for rapid recognition, acquisition and deposition of single or rare cells in suspension. It enables the development of user controlled protocols for aspirating and depositing cells in nanoliter volumes for the isolation of single cells in a format suitable for downstream molecular analysis with nanolitre volume reaction mixtures.
The high precision of the MMI CellPump regulates the acquisition and deposition in a variety of modes, giving the user complete control in manual and automated cell recognition, acquisition and deposition. The completely software manipulated 3D CellRobot controls the precise landing position of the capillary and generates a highly reproducible contact point.
All accessories were directly developed in consultation with MMI CellEctor Plus users to reflect their exacting needs. They allow for the deposition of single cells onto reaction slides or directly into PCR tubes, IBIDI style chambers or microfluidic devices. User defined liquid handling programmes enable the development of dedicated cleaning and service cycles for capillary cleaning and maintenance.
The MMI CellEctor Plus is highly modular and can be mounted on numerous microscope brands from entry level, mid range to high end.