Panoptiq 3

Panoptiq™ is an interactive digital slide imaging system that seamlessly integrates into your existing microscopy setup. The system allows users to stitch, in real-time, multiple fields of view together into a single panoramic image at any objective between 2x and 100x.
Panoptiq™ also offers users complete focusing and stage manipulation controls during the imaging process. Through web-based software, these slide images can be shared online or streamed in real-time to reach a wider audience.
The Panoptiq™ suite is packaged with maintenance, technical support, and warranty option. Please contact us for further information.HIGHLIGHTS
·       Real-time scanning and instant objective switching
·       Complete focusing and stage manipulation control
·       Automatic focus replacement ensures all regions of sample are in focus
·       Choice over scanning region and file size
·       Physical measurement and annotation capabilities
·       Advanced camera gain and color controls
·       Supports archiving in SVS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP file formats
·       Z-stack recording to digitally capture 3D structures (optional)