The ECLIPSE Ts2 Inverted Microscope offers a utilizing Nikon's CFI60 optical system and LED illumination for both Diascopic (Ts2) and Epi-fluorescence (Ts2-FL) imaging. This system received a clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and documentation its use for routine laboratory work.

High S/N epi-fluorescence observation in bright room
The new Contrast Shield accessory (optional) blocks room light, providing an easy and cost-effective method for achieving high signal-to-noise fluorescense observation in a brightly lit culture room.

"Emboss Contrast" Contrasting Technique
Emboss Contrast is a cost-effective optical technique which does not require costly optics, which provides pseudo-three dimensional and glare-free images for thick specimens such as iPS cells which would normally suffer from halos with conventional phase contrast methods.

LED-based high-quality Diascopic and Epi-fluorescence observation
Two models are available; a Diascopic illumination model (Ts2), and an Epi-fluorescence illumination model (Ts2-FL). In both models including high-intensity LED sources.