Digital Sight-Ri2 (DS-Ri2)

16.25 megapixel (not interpolated) and accurate color rendition are features that make the DS-Ri2 an excellent choice for recreating color images as they eyes see them.

High-resolution images
The high resolution is 16.25 megapixel CMOS image sensors for astonishing image quality. 

Photography with the natural colors seen through the microscope
The DS model's image processing engine is based on extensive data accumulated over many years of developing microscope color digital cameras, resulting in perfect reproduction of the colors your eyes see in the microscope.

High-speed live display
The DS-Ri2 can display 4908x3264 pixel (full-pixel) images at 6 fps, or 1636x1088 pixel (3x3 pixel averaging) images at 45 fps. This fast-live frame rate makes fine focusing easy to perform.

High sensitivity, low noise
Sensitivity settings that span the range from ISO200 to ISO12800 allow the capture of vivid fluorescent color images.