The Nikon ECLIPSE Ci-POL is a personal-type polarized light microscope that doesn't occupy your entire desk, which are slim and compact. With cutting-edge CFI60 infinity optics, it offers advanced optical performance and user-friendly operation. A built-in capture button located near the front of the microscope base allows easy imaging with DS series cameras.

Reversed centering quintuple nosepiece
The nosepiece uses the same DIN standard compensator slot design as the LV100N POL to accept various compensators for advanced quantitative measurements. All five objectives are centerable.

Intermediate tube
The intermediate tube incorporates a Bertrand lens as standard, enabling both observation and capture of conoscopic and orthoscopic images.

Objectives for polarizing observation
The episcopic objectives are from the newly developed CFI60-2 series and produce sharp aberration-free images regardless of magnification.

Diascopic/Episcopic illumination type
The epi-illuminator uses the high-intensity 50W lamp as standard, which provides brighter illumination than a conventional 100W lamp. A noise-terminator mechanism is employed to provide sharp images with high S/N ratios.