Labstamp - The world’s only automated system to identify mice
The Labstamp system from Somark creates a distinct and permanent tail tattoo to allow easy visual identification. The tail tattoo is highly durable, lasting the lifespan of the mouse and research phase. The Labstamp system includes the tail tattooing equipment and only requires minimal training to implement. Accurate visual identification directly helps with the accuracy and integrity of scientific research. Labstamp can replace less effective identification methods, while complementing existing research methodologies and technologies.
  • Permanent: Can be read perfectly every day the mouse is on your study or kept in your vivarium.
  • Greater productivity: Eliminate mistakes from misreading IDs, reduce Vet time having to manage ear tissue trauma, dermatitis, and save time correctly reading IDs.
  • Improved animal welfare: Helps reduce the stress from handling and avoids tissue damage associated with other methods of ID.
  • Easily read: In customers studies reading the Labstamp tattoo can be over 30% quicker to read than ear tags, ear notches & permanent pen marks.
  • Easy to use: Even the most novice animal technician can learn to use Labstamp perfectly, in minutes.
  • Cost effective: Pricing to meet all budgets and the benefits outweigh the investment in Labstamp and the consumables.

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