The Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2 Inverted Research Microscope exceptionally stable, drift-free platform is designed to meet the demands of super-resolution imaging while its unique hardware-triggering capabilities enhance even the most challenging, high-speed imaging applications. 

Groundbreaking FOV
The Ti2, with its unprecedented 25mm field of view, provides the next level of scalability, enabling researchers to truly maximize the utility of large-format detectors and future-proof their core imaging platform as camera technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace.

Water Immersion Dispenser (Ti2-E)
It is compatible with all types of water immersion objectives and helps to stably provide high-resolution, high-contrast and aberration-corrected time-lapse images over long periods of time.

Guidance for operational procedures (Ti2-E/A)
The Ti2's Assist Guide function provides interactive step-by-step guidance for microscope operation. The Assist Guide can be viewed on a tablet or PC, and integrates real time data from built-in sensors and an internal camera.

Automatically detect errors (Ti2-E/A)
The Check Mode allows users to easily confirm, on either a tablet or PC that all the correct microscope components are in place for their chosen observation method.